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Intel Interview Questions

I got out of my Intel( it went well ), and they asked me the following questions for a entry level software engineer position:

-What is a class?

-What is a object?

-What is a friend function?

-What is a virtual function?

-What is a constructor and destructor?

-Should your destructor be virtual?

-What is scope resolution operator?

-Write a function to print out the first 10 prime numbers.

-You have a set of 3 light switches outside a closed door. One of them controls the light inside the room. With the door closed from outside the room, you can turn the light switches on or off as many times as you would like.

You can go into the room - one time only - to see the light. You cannot see the whether the light is on or off from outside the room, nor can you change the light switches while inside the room.

No one else is in the room to help you. The room has no windows.

Based on the information above, how would you determine which of the three light switches controls the light inside the room?

-You are given 8 identical-looking balls, one of which is heavier than the other 7 (all of which weigh the same). Using an old-fashioned mechanical set of scales you must identify the heavier ball using the scale as few times as possible. The scale is constructed using two bowls and an arm enabling the bowls to either balance or have one bowl rising while the other (and heavier bowl) falling. You can’t just add one ball at a time thinking its one weighing, however, you may put any number of balls in each bowl.

-I was asked about projects I did in the past.

-I was asked to look over code and find all the errors in the code.

-I was asked to look over a function, and given an input given what the return value would be.

-I was asked to solve some statistics problems(dealing with standard deviation).

Overall, it wasn’t hard but it took along time to finish. I’ll know next week if I get the job. =) Lets hope I get it!

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